LeadScape and LS-I

Integrated System for LC/MS Analysis

  • 10 Plate Capacity (96/384 Well formats)
  • Multiple LC Chemistries on the fly
  • Automated MRM/LC Methods Development
  • Dual Channel Gradient LC
  • HT-LC/MS/MS (< 15 sec/sample)
  • SCIEX Triple Quad and Triple TOF Instruments
  • Enterprise Wide Sharing of Methods

Designed for Drug Discovery

Featuring Leadscape™ software automation, the LeadSampler (LS-I) provides a high-throughput bioanalysis platform in a space-saving footprint. The LS-I is built around a high speed sampling robot, with up to eight UHPLC capable valves that are seamlessly integrated to support multiple LC applications and workflows. LC chemistries can be accessed on the fly within the LeadScape batch queue.

The LS-I works with DiscoveryQuant™/Leadscape databases providing a portal to stored MRM and LC methods that can be deployed and shared across the enterprise. This global database serves as a repository of accumulated LC/MS knowledge driving collaboration, eliminating redundancy, and significantly enhancing ROI in associated LC/MS technology.