ADDA Autosampler

ADDA_croppedThe ADDA system is a dual-arm, high-speed autosampler that provides ADME discovery scientists with the fastest high-quality sample delivery platform available for LC/MS. At eight seconds per sample in trap/elute mode, and with eight unique injection ports, the ADDA system is a comprehensive system designed for the Discovery lab. With the ADDA system, permeability, transport, metabolic stability and drug-drug interaction screening assays can be rapidly turned around with a single mass spectrometer system, saving critical time in the drug discovery process.

Sound Analytics developed the original dual-arm autosampler design in collaboration with LC/MS scientists at Pfizer. The resulting system allowed Pfizer to increase their sample throughput many times over. Sound Analytics has since partnered with Apricot Designs to commercialize the solution, offer the next-generation ADDA to pharmaceutical companies worldwide with installations in Europe, Asia and North America.